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Question: What type of experience is required to participate in the tours?

Answer: There are routes for all three levels (Expert, Intermediate and Beginners). For beginners routes are mixed asphalt and dirt paths. On the other hand the expert level tours are 90% technical and open routes.

Question: Is it necessary to have a driver licence?

Answer: Yes, you must have at least a 250cc motorcycle driver’s licence.

Question: Why do the routes on map appear to be so short?

Answer: Because of the mountainous topography distances are calculated per hour, rather than per kilometer. For example 200 km is equivalent an 8-hour course in Costa Rica. 200 km in an African desert would be only four hours.

Question: Are there problems with doing this sport in Costa Rica?

Answer: The political security and culture of Costa Rica is the most stable in Latin America. Costa Rica is typically referred to as the “Switzerland of Central America.”

The Costa Rican culture is very tolerant of mechanical sports… In Costa Rica the practice of all-terrain is very common with 50% of the country practicing all-terrain sports including 4×4, ATV and motorcycles among others.

In over 13 years of practice in Costa Rica, we have never had a negative experience with local people, unlike any other countries where travel has its awkward encounters.

Question: What is your environmental policy?

Answer: Respect the environment, minimize noise, reduce pollution. Go on roads open respecting the laws and parts ways. We use equipment and motorcycles in compliance with Costa Rican law.

Question: What type of accommodations do you mange?

Answer: At Enduro Tours we always look for your comfort and convenience, without losing the opportunity to experience to local traditions.

Question: What are the required insurance?

Answer: The motorcycles and equipment are insured and have maximum guarantee for their safety.

Question: Is additional insurance is required?

Answer: Yes. Each client requires its own repatriation insurance. These are typically covered by credit card insurance.

Question: Should I be vaccinated before arriving in Costa Rica?

Answer: No vaccinations are required to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is free from most tropical diseases that can be received in other countries.

Question: What is the quality and maintenance of motorcycles?

Answer: All bikes have new tires, and are checked daily to insure maximum performance.

Question: How are uniforms managed?

Answer: You may bring their own uniforms and can also rent and buy them here.

What to pack?

#1 rule: Pack light!

Some suggestions of items you should pack before:

What airlines fly to Costa Rica

The following airlines serve Costa Rica from different cities across North, South America and Europe:

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